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Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone


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The IsatPhone Pro is Inmarsat's first global handheld satellite phone.

The IsatPhone Pro offers satellite voice communications along with hands-free Bluetooth technology. Voicemail, texting, and email messaging is available. Location data is also available for the user of the satellite phone to look up or send in a text message. Now, IsatPhone users can never be lost always knowing their location anywhere on the planet and have the capability to send that location to family, friends, and co-workers at a touch of a button.

The IsatPhone is primarily designed for professional users which include the media, government agencies, emergency aid, oil and gas exploration, construction and mining sectors. This is the first handheld satellite phone to take advantage of the robust and reliable Inmarsat satellite 4 series network.

The IsatPhone Pro satellite phone was built to use the world's most advanced mobile satellite communication network provided by Inmarsat. This satellite network is fully operational now. The network includes global coverage using three Inmarsat-4 satellites which will provide service well into the 2020s.

Ultimate Satellite Service

  • Ease of Use
  • Global Coverage
  • Robust satellite handset
  • Very Clear Voice Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Reliable Inmarsat Network Connection

Isatphone Pro PDF Guides:

  • The IsatPhone Quick start guide explains how to connect your IsatPhone to one of the four Inmarsat I4 satellites. This guide also explains how to receive a satellite call.
  • The IsatPhone Users guide gives you detailed instructions on how to set up, connect, personalize and use your satellite phone. IsatPhone is Inmarsat's new mobile satellite phone service providing a simple and affordable way to communicate when outside of cellular or landline service areas. The IsatPhone offers satellite phone service in a lightweight, pocket size satellite handset. It has a rugged design providing reliable communication from virtually anywhere to everywhere.
  • The Inmarsat voicemail guide provides an overview of voicemail services describing how to listen to, leave and manage voicemail messages. This guide will apply to the following products: BGAN, FleetBroadband, SwiftBroadband, IsatPhone Pro (GSPS), IsatPhone (SPS), Landphone (SPS) and Fleetphone (SPS)

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